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Blue Lagoon Croatia

As most of you already know, Blue Lagoon Croatia is located in front of the island of Ciovo and the old UNESCO city of Trogir. The distance of the Lagoon itself from the mainland is about 7 nautical miles. This beautiful bay is surrounded by small islands, rocks, and Mediterranean plants. Beautiful, crystal clear sea and white sand give this place a touch of paradise on earth. The bay itself is very shallow and well protected from various winds and waves, so it is suitable as an anchorage and accommodation for various boats and boaters during the summer.

It is equally popular among visitors from the mainland who often decide to visit this beautiful place in the form of a Day Trip on smaller boats offered along the coast in cities such as Split, Trogir, Kastela, Solin or one of the nearby islands of central Dalmatia such as Vis, Hvar, Brac or Solta. The island of Drvenik Veli or Krknjaši (as the locals call it) where B. L. is located is quite small and beautiful and it strongly feels the coexistence of locals with nature, but we wrote about it separately in our article called Drvenik Veli.

B. L. refers to Blue Lagoon on island Drvenik Veli, Croatia
B. C. refers to Blue Cave on island Biševo, Croatia

Blue Lagoon, Croatia
Blue Lagoon, Croatia

Blue Lagoon, Split

Blue Lagoon Split is the name that tourists use for the popular Central Dalmatian deatination, which is called Krknjaši Bay among the locals, and is located on the island of Drvenik Veli. The name Veli means Great, which implies the existence of the Small. Drvenik Mali (Drvenik Small) is also nearby, just a few hundred meters away from Drvenik Veli and the popular B. L., and together they form a beautiful sea area suitable for rest and recreation during the summer months.

Reasons to visit

The island of Drvenik Veli is located in front of the old town under UNESCO protection, called Trogir and the island of Solta. Although the island is quite small in area, it is very popular among boaters and day trippers in this area. Honestly, this is not surprising if you know what Krknjaši Bay (B. L.) itself look like. The bay is special, beautiful and has a unique charm, especially when we tell you that sandy beaches in Croatia are really a rarity. Crystal clear sea, white sand, greenery, splendor of colors, birds chirping, plenty of sunshine, are just some of the reasons why you could visit this gem as soon as you can.

3 Destinations - Half Day Tour

This tour is designed just for those visitors who want to make the most of their vacation time as it brings together several units at once. For example, it combines a land trip in the form of a visit to the old, beautiful stone city of Trogir with a boat trip and later a visit to the islands and swimming in one, and all that in just half a day. The advantage of this trip is that it does not spend too much time exposed to the sea and sun unnecessarily on very hot summer days, which proved to be very good for the elderly, families with children or those who would long-term rocking at sea and exposure to sun and heat. considered more fatigue than rest.

Combination of nature and history

So, this trip is conceived as a great combination of cultural and historical visit but also enjoyment of summer joys. Since a visit to the city of Trogir by road during the summer would be almost impossible due to excessive traffic jams and lack of parking spaces, this boat way to visit the heart of the old town Trogir center seems like a real refreshment. After visiting Trogir, we take you on a tour of the B. L. and later one of the small town on the island of Solta to further enjoy swimming, sun, cocktails, entertainment, relaxing, meeting new people, music or listening to the sounds of nature with a good book, It's up to you. Hope to see you soon.

Meet point and trip duration

Unless otherwise agreed your meeting point is - Matejuška. Speed boat will leave you at the end of the place you left that morning. Trip takes about 6 hours.

Starts mostly from Split...but we are flexible

Blue Lagoon Tour from Split is emphasized Split2go agency tour that starts mostly from Split. Trip could be aranged from some other place. For example if you are in the area of Vis, Brac, Solta, Kastela, Trogir, Hvar or even from some other place, for example from Split airport, you could contact us and tell us your wishes. We hope to fulfill them.

Do you have some questions?

Feel free to contact our agency Split2go by e-mail for every questions you have. Also on the trip, beside skipper our agency provides sailor or hostess so you can ask him / her to explain some details you are interested about the trip. We hope that you are satisfied with general information we provide for you about Blue Lagoon Trip or B. L. Croatia in general. However at the link below you can find frequently asked questions about this Trip from Split which is organized by Split2go agency in Split, Croatia - FAQ.

Blue Cave and Blue Lagoon Split, Croatia

This excursion is a novelty in the market because in our humble opinion it captures the best that is on offer. It seems to us that we were able to combine the two most popular trips into one trip that can be done in one day without losing anything, quite the contrary. This excursion combines a visit to Blue Cave Croatia and Blue Lagoon Croatia into one excursion, giving guests greater value for the same price. Until now, it was impossible to visit these two popular places in one day, you had to travel on two different trips on and off two different days and pay twice. It is now possible to complete this combined tour in just one day without losing anything to our customers.

Planning route - B. C. and B. L. Tour

It goes like this. We leave Split in the morning and head directly to the island of Bisevo in front of the islands of Vis to the Blue Cave. After that we will visit the old fishing town of Komiza. There you will be able to take a walk, have breakfast, have coffee or just stop and enjoy your vacation. Later, we will continue our chase towards the Budikovac or Stoncica Bay, but in the meantime we will also visit the world-famous Stiniva Beach.

Krknjasi beach

After that we will sail together to the B. L. on the island of Drvenik (this popular place is also known as Krknjasi, it is so beautiful to visit because of the crystal clear sea, white sand and its surroundings and the various Mediterranean plants), there you will be able to spend enough time for lunch, swimming or simply enjoying the bar next to the beach, which offers popular drinks, cocktails and fine music just on the water line.

Town Trogir

This is not all we plan to offer you for this day. We will also direct you to the picturesque medieval town of Trogir which is so beautiful to visit. It is also worth pointing out that Trogir, or rather its old town, is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The specificity of the city lies in the sculptural art of stone. Because of this beauty and value, sometimes walking through the streets of Trogir seems like a trip to the past, in the time of the Greeks, Romans and Venetians. At the end we will take you back to Split where you will be able to sum up your impression...As this tour is a private one, it is possible to change the arrangement according to your wishes. Hope to see you soon.

Blue Lagoon Trogir

Blue Lagoon Trogir is the name used by tourists for a popular destination called Krknjaši, on a beautiful central Dalmatian island called Drvenik Veli. This Lagoon, together with the popular beach, is a truly beautiful sight, a very tame environment that visitors of all ages enjoy every day in summer. The sandy beach, clean sea, plenty of sun and shade are a real lure for visitors who come on day trips but also those who intend to stay there longer. Since B. L. is only about 15 minutes away from the mainland by fast boat, it is especially convenient for those from the city of Trogir, this place is like indispensable destination for most boaters in this part of Dalmatia. In addition to natural beauty, visitors can also enjoy restaurant and beach bar that offers light meals and, of course, drinks such as cocktails with relaxing music.

Taxi Boat Split, Trogir, Hvar, Vis...

The Taxi Boat Trogir, Hvar, Vis... may be option if you travel from Split (or to Split). You can take our boat transfer service even from airport Split (or to airport ) During the summer there are many people and cars traveling through this area heading to one of the central Dalmatian islands, so it is very crowded everywhere. This is the main reason to take a taxi boat that can take you directly to Hvar, Brac, Vis, Solta or any other nearby island or town. It's a great way to avoid traffic jams, but also not to waste your precious time while on vacation. This way you can save your time and travel as VIP as you deserve as soon as you arrive in Croatia. Try it and you will feel the difference, we are convinced. Contact us for more information.