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Croatia Blue Cave

Croatia Blue Cave is is a popular destination and it is growing every year even more. It is because this boat tour is possible to take from any island in the central Dalmatia area. It includes Vis, Hvar, Brac, Solta, Split city, Trogir and Kastela towns. All these places can be a starting point for the Day Tour which makes it a lot of potential tourists that can take this trip. Also all these areas are crowded with tourists douring the summer and that is also the reason why these trips are so popular in this area. Also its beauty is what attracts many people to visit the B. C. every year. If you are going with our agency - Split2go agency in Split, the trip itself includes:

- tickets to the B. C. entrance, the speed boat ride, fuel, bottled watter on the boat, skipper, sailor, visiting many beaches, bays, coves, towns and islands such as Bisevo Island, Hvar town, Komiza town, island of Vis, Stiniva beach, Budikovac Bay or Stoncica Bay and Pakleni Islands. Also a sightseen of several more islands along the way (PLANING TIME SCHEDULE). This tour is a great option to spend a great summer day on the water and enjoy the nature with your friends or family. For complete comfort, take a Private B. C. Boat Tour or Private Boat Tour for some other place you like. Anyway, if you get a chance, you could try this boat tour while you're arround, we belive you won't regret it. Find out a little more about the B. C. Croatia bellow...

B. C. refers to Blue Cave on island Biševo, Croatia
B. L. refers to Blue Lagoon on island Drvenik Veli, Croatia

Croatia, Blue Cave
Blue Cave, Croatia

Blue Cave, Croatia

The Blue Cave in Croatia is located on the small island caled Bisevo. Altough many people still think that B. C. is located on Vis island, it is not correct. It is in the front of Vis island, just about 2 NM away. Like we said B. C. Tour in Croatia is a very popular boat tour that attracts many visitors every year. In summer it is possible to visit this Cave every day if the weather is good. The B.C. itself is so beautiful that it realy pays to visit it. Its unnatural, florescent blue color makes it truly special and different from anything you have visited so far.

Suitable almost for everyone

It is a great option for couples, a group of friends, families or single travelers. Also, this is a great opportunity to meet other people on your journey. Great atmosphere is just what adorns these trips, and that is exactly what people want to feel when they are on vacation. It is also possible to organize a Private Boat Tour which may include, among other things, various food and drinks on board, as well as many other amenities...it depends on your wishes.

Full day activity

In just one day tour includes swimming, snorkeling, leisure for lunch, sightseeing and many more great moments on this tour like visiting the B. C. but also more islands, towns, bays, beaches and coves. Great atmosphere is just what adorns these trips, and that is exactly what people want to feel when they are on vacation.

Meet point and trip duration

Unless otherwise agreed your meeting point is - Matejuška. Speed boat will leave you at the end of the place you left that morning. Trip takes about 10 hours. So there will be plenty of time for fun, swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing or relaxing by the sea.

Entry organization

From start point you enter our speed boat that takes you to B. C. Blue Cave has small entrance so when we arrive you move to a small boats registered for that kind of work, because only small boats which are registered for that kind of work are allowed entry to the Blue Cave on island Bisevo. With this boat you go to visit the Cave after which you return to our speed boat and we continue our trip. Despite its small entrance, the Cave itself is quite large inside.

Starts mostly from Split...but not always

Blue Cave Tour from Split is emphasized Split2go agency tour that starts mostly from Split but it is also popular in Hvar, Trogir...so it can be aranged from there. It is easy to take this tour if you are in the area of Vis, Brac, Solta, Kastela, Trogir, Hvar or even from some other place, for example from Split airport. Contact us and tell us your wishes.

B. C. adventure

When we call this tour an adventure we mean it because there are many elements of adventure especially if the sea is rough that day. On the other hand, traveling over 100 nautical miles by boat in one day is not a joke. Also, the tour itself lasts about 10 hours so we are not wrong to call it an adventure, do you agree? Blue Cave Croatia 5 Destinations Tour sounds enough for one day? It is our wish that you come back from this trip happy and relaxed but full of beautiful impressions that you will remember for a long time, hope to see you soon.

Do you have some questions?

Feel free to contact our agency Split2go by e-mail for every questions you have. Also on the trip, beside skipper our agency provides sailor or hostess so you can ask him / her to explain some details you are interested about the trip. We hope that you are satisfied with general information we provide for you about B. C. Trip or B. C. Croatia in general. However at the link below you can find frequently asked questions about B. C. Trip from Split which is organized by Split2go agency in Split, Croatia - FAQ.

Blue Cave and Blue Lagoon Split, Croatia

This excursion is a novelty in the market because in our humble opinion it captures the best that is on offer. It seems to us that we were able to combine the two most popular trips into one trip that can be done in one day without losing anything, quite the contrary. This excursion combines a visit to Blue Cave and Blue Lagoon into one excursion, giving guests greater value for the same price. Until now, it was impossible to visit these two popular places in one day, you had to travel on two different trips on and off two different days and pay twice. It is now possible to complete this combined tour in just one day without losing anything to our customers.

Planning route - B. C. and B. L. Tour

It goes like this. We leave Split in the morning and head directly to the island of Bisevo in front of the islands of Vis and the B. C. After that we will visit the old fishing town of Komiza. There you will be able to take a walk, have breakfast, have coffee or just stop and enjoy your vacation. Later, we will continue our chase towards the Budikovac or Stoncica Bay, but in the meantime we will also visit the world-famous Stiniva Beach.

Krknjasi beach

After that we will sail together to the Blue Lagoon Croatia on the island of Drvenik. This popular place is also known as Krknjasi. The Blue Lagoon is so beautiful to visit because of the crystal clear sea, white sand and its surroundings and the various Mediterranean plants. There you will be able to spend enough time for lunch, swimming or simply enjoying the bar next to the beach, which offers popular drinks, cocktails and fine music just on the water line.

Town Trogir

This is not all we plan to offer you for this day. We will also direct you to the picturesque medieval town of Trogir which is so beautiful to visit. It is also worth pointing out that Trogir, or rather its old town, is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The specificity of the city lies in the sculptural art of stone. Because of this beauty and value, sometimes walking through the streets of Trogir seems like a trip to the past, in the time of the Greeks, Romans and Venetians. At the end we will take you back to Split where you will be able to sum up your impression...As this tour is a private one, it is possible to change the arrangement according to your wishes. Hope to see you soon.

Blue Cave Hvar & Blue Cave Vis

Blue Cave Hvar (Tour from Hvar) and B. C. Vis (Tour from Vis) are great ways to spend a wonderful summer day on speedboat. These options are offerd by our Split2go agency to further expand our offer and meet your wishes. Since there is a lot of people from Hvar or Vis that would like to visit the B. C. on island Bisevo we decided to step in to provide this tour. Now it is possible to do this trip and besides the famous B. C. visit some of the central Dalmatian islands, bays or beaches.

Town Hvar or Town Vis

Excursion includes speed boat ride, fuel, bottled water on board, ticket to the entrance to the B. C., skipper, sailor or hostess, visit to beaches, bays, towns and islands like the island of Bisevo, TOWN OF VIS OR TOWN OF HVAR (it depends on which tour you choose), town of Komiža, beach Stiniva, Budikovac Bay or Stoncica Bay and Pakleni (Paklinski) Islands. Also sightseeing a few more islands along the way. This boat tour is a great option for anyone who enjoys stumping at sea, sun, swimming, snorkel or simply spending time in nature and its spectacular views. It lasts around 8 hours.


Biševo is a small island just in front of Komiza town on the island of Vis. It has only about fifteen inhabitants but is a very popular destination through the summer. Many nauticals are visiting this area for a few reasons. First, this is the island where B. C. Croatia is located. It is not on Vis island as many people think. It is here, on Bisevo island. Also Bisevo offers beautiful beaches and coves such as Porat that is so beautiful to visit. It is also very well protected and safe for boats. Its shalow depth and sandy bottom are perfect for anchor the boat but also enjoy peace and quiet in nature.

Modra Špilja or Blue Grotto...

Modra Špilja is simply, Croatian translation for the Blue Cave. Blue Cave in English means Modra Špilja in Croatian.
"Blue" means "Modra" and "Cave" means "Špilja".
As you probabley know, Modra špilja is located on Biševo island in front of Komiža town on the Dalmatian island called Vis. It is very popular amoung tourists because of its beauty. Some similar names: blue grotto, blue caves, modra spilja.

Green Cave

Green Cave is another beautiful Cave in front of Vis island. It is not far from the B. C., only about 5NM. That is why it is possible to visit both Caves in one day tour. It is located on the small island called Ravnik and it is also very beautiful to visit. It is very different from the B. C., but many visitors prefer this Cave because it is possible to swim inside on your own responsability of course. It has a little hole in the top through which the sun light is coming inside and makes the Cave look green and beautiful from inside.


The islet of Budikovac is one of the many beautiful Croatian islands in this area of ​​central Dalmatia and also one of many that is permanently uninhabited. Namely, during the winter period, not a single inhabitant lives on this island. The island itself is located very close to the largest island in this area, the island of Vis. Vis is only about a few hundred meters northeast of Budikovac. Although it is quite small, Budikovac becomes one of central destination in this area during the summer and is populated daily by tourists and domestic guests. Why is that so?

Big summer destination

Due to the fact that it is located on a very popular tourist route between the Famous B. C., Stiniva Bay, Green Cave, the town of Hvar and the city of Split. There is another reason for the great interest in this island and it does not concern exclusively its position. It is about the beauty of the place and its archipelago. Budikovac is a bay with a perfect, crystal clear sea and sandy bottom that is equally popular among boaters due to the possibility of quality anchoring and using this place as a free accommodation as well as among those who pass by on a day trip. Although during the day this bay is quite lively, in the evening it becomes an oasis of peace and quiet that can only be provided by a boat trip to nature, so it is not surprising that the small Budikovac is actually a big destination in summer.

Taxi Boat Hvar & Taxi Boat Vis

The Taxi Boat Hvar and Taxi Boat Vis may be options if you travel from Split, the city of Trogir or Split airport. During the summer there are many people and cars traveling through this area heading to one of the central Dalmatian islands, so it is very crowded everywhere. This is the main reason to take a taxi boat that can take you directly to Hvar, Brac, Vis, Solta or any other nearby island. It's a great way to avoid traffic jams, but also not to waste your precious time while on vacation. This way you can save your time and travel as VIP as you deserve as soon as you arrive in Croatia. Try it and you will feel the difference, we are convinced. Contact us for more information.